Amorem Matris

by M. le Docteur Ralph

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This album lyrically deals with relationship between a mother and their kid following the child's committing mass-murder.

Written and recorded in Dublin, late 2015 – early 2016.


released March 15, 2016



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Track Name: The view from up here
Trim the handsome flattery
the questions begs, sincere
pitched these casual movements in subtext.

The crutch the hand submits
a welcome support
who holds the deed, willing
a binding retort
stand tall
and tell me all
a burden embraced.
You have my word.
Track Name: Torn from the garden
A treachery unheard of as yet
the shame burns a branded–from–birth approach.
Have you ever seen the likes?
The passion in its sights is a murky road
a murky road.

Always coming.
Always coming (I get scared).
Always coming (even I get scared).
Track Name: (mother and child)
Torn from the garden, mother and child
she'll always forgive you (me), my darling
Track Name: Sentence
Torn from the garden, mother and child
she'll always forgive you, my darling
Track Name: Psycho
What good is regret?
What good is sorrow?
Retroactive free will

A pain so great it wakes the world from sleep
The world I'm in
Track Name: Hoped I'd be bringing you home
Hoped that I'd be bringing you back
Hoped that I'd be bringing you home
I stood by your side
I looked you in the eye
I believed you too

But just because I forgive you
and just because I still love you
doesn't soften the disappointment
and resentment
you flower in me

I can't help but forgive you.